Designing a website is my hobby which I really enjoy to do at anytime.

Everybody is welcome to this home. If you are thinking of having a website either for a personal purpose or for the purpose of letting people know what you are buying or selling, or may be you want a website for your club or association. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss about how wonderful you want the website to be.

Thinking too much is out of it. Just contact me and let you and me transform this hobby into hobbiz together, and make the word hobbiz a reality.

The Simple Facts About Personal Website

Money can be made from a personal webpage but almost always indirectly. A good personal website creates demand for a person's services. A resume is one or two pages of text. A website can be any number of pages of text and graphics. A resume can contain false information. It is much harder to fool people with a website. A person can claim to be very organised people in his/her resume, but a website will make the truth self-evident. The person evaluating the website can go back in time and see how the site looked a few months later.

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Website Designing as Hobby

The crucial insight came only after I started this website. In few months since I started my website, I have discovered that a personal website is not about putting private information online. It is about making available information/opinions that a person finds interesting, and in the process indirectly documenting his/her interests, opinions, skills, and personality. A valid question at this point is that what would one gain by making such information public? The short answer is, just about anything. A popular website provides access to an audience. How someone uses that access is upto that person.
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